Lotem built a strategic outline for the business division of a large security organization, in order to ensure continued revenue growth and improved profitability while examining the implications and efforts needed to support the outline.

The Challenge

For several years the business division of large security company has been growing rapidly, and has demonstrated both profitability and leadership within the organization. However, is the division prepared for the expected changes in the market, and does it have the ability to maintain and increase its profitability?

The Solution

To this end, Lotem defined two timeframes, and accordingly analyzed the division’s capabilities. The analysis of the two timeframes enabled focusing on more precise and comprehensive forecasting for the short term, and on the ability to prepare and take risks in the long term. The analysis of the division’s capabilities was performed using various business models. These models helped to outline the attractiveness of the division’s existing products and its potential future profitability.

About the Author

Vered Berkovich