Lotem supports organizations undergoing the digital transformation process by developing and customizing innovative technological tools that rely on a user experience that is both advanced accessible anywhere at any time.


How can our managers connect to management tools to enable them to meet their goals and improve their performance? The MGPS insert development incentive into daily routine activity by changing the ground rules: Instead of “just learn it”, its motto is “Just Do It”!

My City App

Using a mobile application, Lotem has created a unique work model that allows municipalities to work in partnership with residents, raising the level of commitment and involvement, thus generating a dynamic link between the manager and residents’ expectations.

Mobile Surveys

- A user-friendly platform supports short surveys and focused testing of the pulse of the organization. It also enables the introduction of technology into the classroom with the completion of online questionnaires and real-time receipt of personal and group feedback.

About the Author

Vered Berkovich