Innovative digital platform for executive development based on Lotem’s MGPS system.

The Challenge

Improving and refining the executive skills of managers at company headquarters and in the field, in order to improve business performance and customer service quality, is a key challenge at Leumit. How do we achieve this when managers are so overburdened and lack the time to study?

The Solution

Lotem partners with the company in leading a change in the approach to executive development. The change is integrated using DNA, an innovative platform for managers based on Lotem’s MGPS system, providing managers with access, anytime and anywhere, to their own personal development track. It provides access to a variety of development channels, advanced management tools for implementation, social networking, organizational and business updates, and a connection with their personal performance. All this is achieved using a simple, effective and fun user experience.

About the Author

Vered Berkovich