In order to promote the quality of management at IKEA, Lotem planned and carried out a comprehensive cross-organizational process, which included training of various management echelons, progressive group work, one-on-one meetings and team development. Thus, Lotem created a unified management concept for the chain and provided practical tools for each manager.

The Challenge

The quality of management at an organization directly affects its performance and organizational culture.
The challenge was to create a solution that pertains to all four management echelons at the organization, which are deployed at various sites in the chain.

The Solution

Lotem helps the chain promote the quality of management in general and the effectiveness of each manager in particular.
To this end, several processes were incorporated over the years: Executive training for top level managers, a course for new department managers, one-on-one meetings and management team development.
The result: Each manager was given practical tools alongside the creation of a joint management concept for the chain as a whole. The results were also manifested in the annual satisfaction survey.

About the Author

Vered Berkovich