Based on the perception that the future starts from within, Lotem built a multi-stage executive reserve program based on the principles and values of the Enforcement and Collection Authority organization. This led to the formation of an executive team that is an active partner in key processes at the Enforcement and Collection Authority.

The Challenge

Since its inception, the Enforcement and Collection Authority has been involved in building infrastructure and professional processes for its establishment as a significant entity in enforcing the obligations of the State of Israel. A significant element of its further growth as an organization is building the future generation of executives at the Authority. How do you build a broad executive reserve program comprising all levels of management at the organization?

The Solution

Lotem built a multi-stage executive reserve program, which began with the evaluation and refining of the core skills required of a successful manager. The program included building and communicating a branding process which enhanced the transparency of the project, and creating a screening process based on the skills of successful managers, including the employee’s level of motivation and commitment. It also included a multi-channel development process comprising group and individual learning processes, with an emphasis on practice, which led to the creation of an influential group that is a partner in organization-wide processes at the Authority.

About the Author

Vered Berkovich