As a live organization, active in its environment, we have a tradition of contributing to organizations and individuals in various community sectors by consolidating the relationships between them, whether in the voluntary, social, governmental, public, business or technology sector. Lotem brings together leaders from the business field and prominent names on the global, social scene. Lotem provides pro bono counseling to NGOs, is involved in community development projects and offers its knowledge and experience for the benefit of society.

The NGOs we work with:


Nova runs a business consulting team consisting of students, business consultants and volunteers who offer advice to social welfare organizations.

Yad Sarah

Yad Sarah is a volunteer organization providing assistance to the sick and disabled. It offers the free loan of medical equipment and provides information and reduced-rate care to needy populations.


A nonprofit organization providing the very best solutions in healthcare, nursing, rehabilitation and welfare of the senior citizen, inspired by a sense of mission and friendship.

Youth at Risk

An organization that provides professional services to Israeli boarding schools, works with children from dysfunctional homes, providing them with services and content not funded by the authorities.

Rashi Foundation

The Rashi Foundation focuses on populations in the geographic and social periphery of Israel, and in particular on children, teenagers and young adults.

Yad Hanadiv

The Foundation is concerned with the promotion of Israel as a democratic, vibrant and healthy society, committed to Jewish values and equal opportunities for all its residents.


Alma is a nonprofit organization offering a new approach to the study of Hebrew culture through reflective examination of identity issues and encounters with the wealth of Hebrew cultural resources.


A nonprofit organization running enrichment and empowerment programs during the children’s leisure time, close to their homes in remote communities.


The Shahaf Foundation is a philanthropic partnership of organizations and private donors. Its mission is to promote highly motivated young communities in Israel and to turn them into a national, social movement.


The Matan organization is engaged in the creation of a society of active and committed citizens through the development of partnerships for community investment.


A coalition of corporate bodies and individuals engaged in the field of trauma resilience, emergency preparedness and psychosocial counseling.
The ITC is a public benefit entity