A global enterprise, whose employees are deployed around the world, needed to train and improve the skills of its employees. For this purpose, Lotem created an online course, which bridged the gaps of time and space, and created standardization among the employees.

The Challenge

At a global organization that develops and manufactures healthcare products, there is a need to provide professional knowledge and performance skills to a target population of dozens of employees deployed globally. How can a course accommodate all the employees who are characterized by low availability and a low commitment level (due to the individual nature of the job and the lack of a common manager)?

The Solution

Lotem developed an online course based on a webinar, allowing for remote interactive lessons and a shared learning environment on the organizational portal, which included a professional forum. The course was held in two sessions in order to enable all the employees to participate. Thus Lotem created formalization and standardization of content, alongside the dissemination of knowledge and standardization among the entire employee population.

About the Author

Vered Berkovich