At a large security organization, Lotem developed Leadership Development Program for the command levels, in order to create a unified leadership language, while building organizational growth drivers and a command reserve.

The Challenge

Commanders whose command perceptions are identical and who are able to instill these perceptions in all of their subordinates, are a critical factor in the organization’s compliance with its missions and in building the next generation of commanders. How can you build a solution generating a substantial organizational change at all command levels of the organization, with minimum damage to current missions and without generating absence of commanders from their units for long study periods?

The Solution

Lotem built a unique, multi-channel program adapted to the unique needs of the organization. The program is designed in a cascade format, with each level receiving guidance for mentoring and empowerment of the level below it. The program combines group and individual tracks, with most of the learning taking place in the workplace. The program is designed to change the organizational and command culture at each unit and at the organization in general, by involving the organization’s senior commanders in the development of a command reserve among the echelon subordinate to them.

About the Author

Vered Berkovich