A short and focused survey developed by Lotem Sensing enables continuous measurement of the quality of management at each organizational unit, and serves as a tool for managers in the processes of managing employees and improving service.

The Challenge

Onsite managers raised the need for ongoing assessment of the quality of management in the organization’s units.

The Solution

Development of a short questionnaire containing up to 15 questions for evaluating work processes, with an emphasis on managing employees and improving service at the unit. The questionnaire examines generic dimensions of employee engagement alongside pertinent questions relating to issues which are currently of interest to the unit manager. Once the questionnaire is completed, the unit manager receives a brief and focused analysis of the survey results, focusing on the degree of engagement of the employees and managers. At Harel, the unit Pulse surveys were established as a service that the unit managers receive from the human resources department as part of the process of improving their management skills and the quality of service in the field.

About the Author

Vered Berkovich