The Sales Kickoff event, which was planned, managed and produced by Lotem, incorporated significant and experiential learning which included, inter alia, making tools and content accessible through dedicated apps. Thus, the event charged the sales staff with motivation and tools for continued growth.

The Challenge

The sales organization of a growing hi-tech company is a global decentralized organization. All the salespeople attend the Sales Kickoff event, the opening event of the year. How do you build a significant event that charges the salespeople with knowledge, tools and motivation to achieve challenging growth targets? How do you include content, learning, networking and fun?

The Solution

This year, the second in a row, Lotem led the development, management and production of the Sales Kickoff event.
Lotem was responsible for:
• Formulating the rationale and structure of the event - a combination of meaningful learning and fun.
• Content development management
• Design and implementation of a digital and personal participant experience through a dedicated and branded mobile app
• Aspects of production, operation and guidance.

About the Author

Vered Berkovich