Assessment and evaluation tools and procedures are an excellent springboard for wise decision-making, for connecting management with corporate reality and providing feedback to managers as a basis for organizational and business growth.

Performance Evaluation

A structured process of evaluation and feedback focusing on better communication between managers and employees plays an important part in the strengthening of employees’ sense of connection and commitment to the organization, and in achieving their goals.

Opinion and Engagement Surveys

The survey may focus on general indicators of “organizational health", or on specific issues of current concern to the organization's management. The results provide an information framework enabling decision-making for constant improvement.

Internal Service Surveys and Interfaces

Research has shown that when the organization’s units hold work relations reflecting a well-developed service awareness and cooperative practices, customer satisfaction is higher.

Mobile Survey Platform

A user-friendly platform supports short surveys and focused testing of the organization’s pulse. It also enables the introduction of technology into the classroom with the completion of online questionnaires and real-time personal and group feedback.

360 Response Form

360 Response Form offers managers a personal and management empowerment experience by presenting feedback from varied points of view and raising awareness of how each employee is perceived by colleagues.

Team Barometer

A management tool for evaluating team climate at three levels: performance quality, team spirit and emotional status. The generated result directs the manager towards key areas for improvement to achieve long-term business goals.

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