How can human resources be strategically managed to work for what’s important to the organization? How can employee and system requirements be balanced? And how can we maintain complex procedures while keeping up with the organization’s dynamic pace?

Talent and Career Support

Who’s the key person in the organization? Who’s leaving us? What are the critical roles? What is the rapid progress path for non-management professionals? And how does all of this fit into the organization’s talent and career management processes?

HR Departments Support

The organization must adapt to current reality. HR departments must be equipped to flexibly support change. At Lotem, we offer support in building processes, training, change and implementation of human resource activities.

Internal Communication

At a time when employees spend an average of 2.3 hours a day receiving and sending e-mail messages, we check our mobile phones 110 times a day on average. An organization needs to check how it reacts to the flood of information and ensure the quality of communications among its employees.

HR Outsourcing

As we understand that sometimes it’s important to know an organization from within, Lotem has the capacity to enter the organization and rapidly become involved in HR activities for fast generation of added value based on consulting and close knowledge of the range of organizations in the market.

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Vered Berkovich