Managers have a key impact on the organization: They bring results, design the future, and lead the teams and personnel. It’s no secret that professional management is complex, and demands constant training and development.

Management Development

How can a good manager become a great manager? That is precisely the reason we created our manager development programs – to help the organization improve its quality of management and to promote its best managers to levels of excellence.


How can our managers connect with management tools enabling them to meet their goals and improve performance? MGPS integrates the evolution into daily routine activity by changing the ground rules: Rather than “just learn it”, its motto is “Just Do It”!

Team Development

Teams are the cornerstone of the organization. We believe that the development of an excellent team brings success to the organization on business, organizational and social levels. The teams may be executive, virtual, professional or professional management teams/task forces.

Personal consultancy

The personal consultancy process opens the door to learning and personal development, and can be integrated into the manager’s development processes or in a specific organizational context. The process is suitable for managers from the lowest rank to top executive level.

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Vered Berkovich