From the shareholders’ viewpoint, corporate value begins with relevance: How relevant is the activity of the organization to the needs of its environment? Does the organization have the right access channels to its target markets? A strategic process enables the organization to find answers to these questions, as it links core resources in the organization to its business environment.

Strategy Implementation

Sustainable business growth is based upon constant analysis of the changing business environment of the organization, the opportunities at hand and the threats at its door. Lotem’s strategic experts believe in supporting strategic processes by cooperating with global consulting firms, backed by the analytic research of Lotem Sensing.

Change Management

A successful organization is dynamic, adapts swiftly to an obligatory change, or initiates a change to create a competitive advantage. How do we manage change? By sticking to our purpose, undeterred by obstacles, behaving with sensitivity to others and to the risks, and implementing flexible process management.

Directors and Management

How can we build a Board of Directors and Executive Management team that leads and guides the way, maintains management and monitoring routines, makes key decisions, and holds a bold conversation with its business environment?

Customer Experience

Everyone talks about "customer experience". Creating a meaningful service experience requires an understanding of the customer’s journey, sensitivity to customer needs, development of efficient, focused and effective service mechanisms, and the ability to generate surprises.

Vision and Values

How does an enterprise formulate a vision, values and more? How does it integrate and convert the vision into daily reality? How does it generate confidence in the process and reduce the level of cynicism? At Lotem, we offer methodologies and wide expertise in processes of shaping the future, vision and values.

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