The Lotem Approach

Lotem maintains long-term partnerships with customers, colleagues, partners and employees. Partnership in success, results and value generation. Partnerships in learning, professionalism and better performance. Partnerships in building the future, a strategic compass, and organizational vision. Partnerships in productivity, energy and optimism. Partnerships between in-house and external experts, partnerships between 130 consultants with a broad skillset, successfully implementing organizational development solutions in Israel and worldwide since 1991.

Lotem Sensing

Management is essentially taking the right decisions on time. A quality decision is one that relies on accurate, real-time data.
Lotem Sensing is a leader in collection and analysis of data to support management decisions as well as the managers within the organization. The company holds surveys based on state-of-the-art research methodologies. The survey analysis provided to customers is based on proven business models. Lotem Sensing’s wide-coverage databases enable each organization to review its management qualities in comparison with other organizations.